The Wave

Exposed and open to most swell, Asu gets consistent and powerful waves that rarely fall below head height in the surf season

The wave at Asu is a perfect left hand reef break of over 150 meters long that can be surfed on any tide and breaks from 3-15 feet and can be a fast, ‘down the line’ freight train that offers 2 tube sections and 1 long barrel section. It can also be forgiving, especially when it gets bigger, allowing easy takeoffs and long rippable walls, offering something for intermediate to expert surfers.

Best time to go

If you’re planning a trip during the swell stacked months of April through October you’ll normally experience 2-3 different swells in 10 days with waves rarely falling below head height.

A trip planned to coincide with the swells that arrive out of season will reward you with waves all to yourself.

The Other Surfbreaks

The 7 other surf breaks in the area are close by and our ability to access them whenever we want means you can make the most of any change in conditions.


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