A glimpse of heaven on Earth- Asu Island Indonesia

Rhythmic vibrations

The prime surf months of May to September bring incredible long lines of swell to the wave rich Asu island, Indonesia.

The Indian Ocean is the giver of all life in these parts and the continual swell results in clean, uninterrupted and empty surf delivered directly in front of Sozinhos surf lodge.  The currents that fuel this cycle bring nutrient-rich waters up from the cold, deeper depths whereupon it springs forth the abundance of rich marine life that blesses this Island chain. Known as the Hinakos, Asu Island is the most northerly of the 8 islands and sits 10km off Nias island, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Situated on the Northern edge of this wave rich island is our surf lodge. It faces directly into the vast expanse of the endless blue which results in uninterrupted sea and sky vistas. A panorama that never changes and yet continues to hold your gaze and imagination long after your footprints in the sand have been washed away.

Sights and sounds

Sat on our gazebo you can gaze out over everything and nothing, it is the nothingness that makes it everything. A cherished view of the purity of life whilst enjoying the sounds of Asu. The calls of the resident pair of sea eagles as they take advantage of mother nature’s offered bounty, the rapid-fire chirping followed by the stone cold silence of the kingfishers as they begin their sentry like wait for a flash of silver, the parting of the water and gulp of air as a sea turtle tries to evade watchful eyes and returns to its underwater world, the sound of white sand underfoot and as always all of this played out to the to the continuous bass line and beat as the latest empty wave finally breaks it’s form and crashes and seethes angry white foam upon the shore. It’s at this time that you reach for your drink, take a mouthful and listen to the clinking of the ice cubes as they swirl in the glass.

Sozinhos surf lodge on Asu Island. A short boat ride from the main island of Nias following a short flight from the mainland of Sumatra in Indonesia is a very long way from anything most people will ever experience in their lives. Come visit us and experience all that Sozinhos has to offer and make your own footprints in the sand.