Jungle accommodation Asu island

Jungle dreaming

When walking along the path that takes in Asu Island you quickly see many of it’s best features. Smiling faces greet you at every twist and turn. Happiness radiates from everyone you encounter no matter what they are doing. The squeals of the resident children as they play or are called by their family. Many a time, without even knowing it you find yourself involved in a game of beach football. The sights and sounds of the tropical jungle, a flash of colour as another tropical bird skims by. Patrolling schools of trevally stalking the shallow waters. One of the best features of Asu is to be found once you have passed through the lushest and densest part of the jungle, Sozinhos Surf Lodge.

Realisation of the dream

Sozinhos Surf Lodge is new to Asu although all that it encompasses is as old as time itself. Friendliness, excellent food, comfort, peace and love, respect, good vibes, laughter all followed by a great nights sleep. When you wake up, stand on one of the private balconies and look over some of the finest surf in Indo. Each perfect set as empty as the next calling you into action. It has been a lifetime in the making with Darryn Harrison conceiving the dream of Sozinhos way back when Madonna was a just material girl and Kurt Cobain proved that there was a reason to be Sleepless in Seattle. A lifetime in the making and the realisation of a dream, Sozinhos is its very own Nirvana.

Sozinhos Surf Lodge

Sozinhos has been built to a very high standard all using local craftsman and wherever possible, locally sourced materials. The philosophy behind the design is ease of flow and most of all harmony with the surrounding environment. When first sighting Sozinhos this easily becomes apparent with the the high sloping roof that looks at such ease within the tropical canopy. The large, open communal dining area takes in the shade of its open sided roof. This allows for glorious views of the ocean and surrounding jungle. To the side of Sozinhos winds the main staircase much like the vines that climb the trunks of the adjacent trees. This opens up into the upper level main balcony and the main part of the accommodation. When entering this area you see the hand made tables and chairs which invite easy conversation and chilling out. The cool sea breeze circulates this area with freshness and is a perfect spot to look over the surf.

Sozinhos Accommodation

Inside the 2 upper private rooms you find quality, handmade beds with fresh linens.  Perfect for the end of the night when sleep comes carrying you from one dream to the next. Sympathetic decor in each room with the burnt orange colouring best appreciated at sunset when it’s as if the room and sky is one. Opening up the wooden shutters allows for the sights and sounds of Asu to be experienced in detail and flood into the accommodation whereupon the world feels a wonderful place. Each room has its own private en-suite bathroom. The water is always plentiful and the rooms are kept spotlessly clean. Each of the rooms has a number of fans, wall and ceiling mounted that allow you to sleep with the gentle breeze mixing in with the contented breathing.

The morning after

When the night time dreaming is over then most of all begins the days task of living them out for real. A favoured spot to start the day is with a fresh cup of coffee (or tea for us Englishmen!) on the private balcony. Here the days plans are formulated and I’ll be honest there is not much planning. Everything that you want is right there, right in-front of your own eyes. It is just a matter of deciding what to look at!

Sozinhos Surf Lodge, the best accommodation and lifestyle choice on Asu.